To be a transforming presence throughout Mid Sussex


We are seeking to create community here in Mid Sussex, the place where God has put us, building relationships, finding friends and loving one another as Jesus commanded us. This means sharing our lives with each other, meeting together in small groups, loving one another in practical ways, and always being open to welcoming others into our communities.


There are so many who are struggling with the difficulties of life. Jesus brings hope. We have his Holy Spirit living in us and so we want to bring hope to the hopeless, to care for those in need, befriend the lonely and share God’s love with everyone we meet. We believe that the church should be a family and love must be our key characteristic.


We are called to follow Jesus, who gave his life for love of this world, who made a way for us to know God as our heavenly Father, especially those who seem furthest away. We were made for relationship with God, to discover and use the gifts he has given us as we work together for his glory.

The Point is part of the Church of England and began towards the end of 2004 with eight adults and 5 children. Anglican Vicar Will Kemp moved down from London with his wife Caroline and their three boys to join a small team already in the Hurstpierpoint area.

As Will explains, “Our time in London was coming to an end, and we were asking God where He wanted us to serve Him next. We looked at several openings, but none of them quite seemed to fit. Then out of the blue came a phone call from old friends, Matt and Beth Redman, and the idea of a churchplant in Mid-Sussex started to take shape. Before long we were sitting with the Bishop of Horsham, Lindsay Urwin, and the dream became a reality.

The group started meeting in the Kemps’ home in September 2004, praying and sharing together, and for the first few months focussed in on just one passage of scripture: Acts chapter two – a picture of what the early church looked like. These verses became key in determining how we would do church at The Point. Our aim from day one has been to take the heart of this two thousand year old model of church, and re-imagine it for today’s world.

God welcomes each one of us to come to Him. Jesus invites us in. We want The Point to reflect this. Being welcoming is more than just being friendly – it’s about making the newcomer a priority, and creating environments where our guests feel valued. This is why we always try to use language everyone understands and explain what we do in our gatherings – not assuming that everyone knows what’s going on.

We can do nothing without God. Prayer is a key characteristic of a people who walk closely with God: whether in private or when gathered together. We pray both to draw near to God and to receive His strength and direction for our lives. This is why we make praying together regularly a priority at The Point. We want everything we do to come out of prayer and be sustained by prayer.

Freely we have received and freely we must give. Everything we have belongs to God. As a church we want to find ways to give our time, energy and finances in response to the extravagant blessings that God has poured out upon our lives. This is why we always seek to be as generous as we can.

We serve God – and as we do so He calls us to serve each other and the communities around us. We aim to do this not out of mere duty, but with joyful hearts – gladly working hard in every situation. In the Kingdom of God everyone has a role to play, and this is why we encourage each other to find a place on the team.

As an act of worship we seek to bring God our best. In every meeting or project we undertake as a church we aim to do it as well as we possibly can – honouring God in even the smallest of details. Our wholeheartedness is also motivated by a desire to represent Jesus and His church in the most relevant and accessible way to those who have not encountered Him. This is why we sometimes spend a little more time and money to make sure we do things well.

At The Point we’re on an exciting journey of faith. God doesn’t reveal the whole route, but simply provides us with the next step. This makes for an adventure, and makes sure we stay humble and dependent on Him. This is why we are often taking risks (which won’t always work!), experimenting and trying new things at The Point.

We’re a group of people who are called by Jesus to share our lives with one another. How we treat each other is every bit as important as what we do. We need to get to know each other and support each other on the journey. This is why at all our gatherings we spend time just ‘hanging out’ together, building friendships.

Our beliefs follow that of The Evangelical Alliance. Read more here.


Various teams make up the leadership of The Point. These include staff, clergy and trustees.

Will + Caroline Kemp
James Allen
Head of Operations
Ellie Zaragoza
Church Administrator and PA to Revd. Will Kemp
Kids + Youth
Dean Gargano
Youth Pastor
Liz Styles
Kids Pastor
Stuart Barbour
Worship Pastor
Leadership Teams
Operational Leadership Team
Deanery Synod Reps