The main meals from Friday evening to Sunday breakfast are catered. All hot drinks, water and squash will be provided. You may want to bring some snacks and any other soft drinks you would like.

Blackland have a limited number of tents that can be hired for £10. Please note you will still need to put these up yourselves and take them down at the end. (There will be plenty of people to help if needed!)

You can arrive anytime from 3pm on the Friday. We know that people will arrive at different times due to school and work commitments etc so dinner on the Friday night will be relaxed with being able to turn up anytime between 6-7pm to get your food. On Sunday the morning service will finish around 11.30am and we need to be off site latest 3pm (please note lunch is not provided on the Sunday).

When you book in we will send you a description of the activities so you can choose which ones work for you/your family.

For families with very young children there is a swimming session available (with an adult) and we will also run a special preschool activity in the afternoon for those children/adults. Preschoolers’ tickets are free.

Yes. Blackland is a large site and although we have our own field to camp on there are other groups using Blackland at the same time and we want to ensure safety for all. Your child is allowed to go with another adult that you are friends with for example (eg one parent taking a few children to one activity) but you must give them responsibility to do so. Youth can go on their own if you are happy for them to.

Absolutely YES!!!! Firstly we have tried to pick the activities to make sure there is something for all ages so we hope you can find something you would like to try. Secondly the activities are only taking place on the Saturday afternoon and there will be people hanging out at the marquee for coffee and cake during these times or you are welcome to watch the activities! The aim of this weekend is to build community together and have fun and we can do this in many ways, the physical activities are just a part of this.

Speak to Ellie or James who will help you make a good plan.

If you can’t make the whole weekend, yes do still come on the Saturday! The price is still the same as we need to cover our costs.

Yes! We will have 4 sessions throughout the weekend where we will be worshipping God, hearing from His word and responding to the work and power of The Holy Spirit. It’s our prayer that everyone will go deeper with God during this special weekend together.

Yes. On the Saturday there will be one morning and one evening session (preschoolers will have just the morning session). Friday evening and Sunday morning will be altogether services.

If you can’t pay the total now it is fine to pay in instalments, just let us know. We do need a first instalment to be able to book you in and start choosing your activities. We do not want the cost to prevent anyone from coming so please do get in touch if you would like us to help.

Yes if you are camping on the field. If you are coming as a day visitor there will be parking on site close to our venues.

I have a question which is not answered here?

Please email ellie@thepointchurch.co.uk and we can help!