Lorna joined The Point Church during lockdown in May 2020 after taking our online Alpha course. She is really looking forward to physically meeting her new church family once we can gather together

Can you tell us a bit about your journey/background and how you found The Point Church?
I was brought up Christian (Catholic) and went to St Paul’s Catholic College when it was based in Haywards Heath. I also went to church regularly where I helped teach ‘Sunday School’ to the children. I had known about The Point Church for many years so when lockdown began I started watching the online services. My friend Rosie also invited me to join the online Alpha course run by The Point. I thought it looked interesting and as it was conveniently online I signed up. I loved doing the course because I learnt so much more about Christianity today, as well as learning about The Point Church.

What difference has knowing Jesus made to your life and what are you excited about what He is doing in your life right now?
I’ve always known Jesus – I grew up learning about Him at church, school and through family. However, by doing the Alpha course as an adult I feel I know Jesus better. The course made me understand my Christian faith better and encouraged me to talk about Jesus much more with others, which I think is important on a personal level and on a bigger scale as a Christian.

Since being involved with The Point Church I have become more inspired and excited about church, and especially about being part of such a welcoming and friendly community.

How have you seen God’s faithfulness during this last year of lockdowns etc?
I feel fortunate that the lockdowns haven’t been as difficult for me, or my boyfriend Jon, as it has for others, and I’m grateful that God has kept us and our families well throughout this pandemic.

I can also see that God has put me where I’m supposed to be this year. Three years ago I was made redundant for the second time in a year, and I was so disappointed to be leaving my ideal job as a designer in a travel company. However looking back I can see a bigger plan at work. Firstly, working in the travel industry in 2020 may not have worked out that well anyway. Secondly, it was only because of these redundancies that I was encouraged to set myself up as a freelance designer working from home (before working from home became the norm!) Although it was daunting, and I didn’t know if I was “good enough” to find my own clients, once I took the first steps to setting up my freelance business, I found that clients starting coming to me. I’m so glad that God provided that opportunity for me to thrive in a job that I love, and I do think God’s timing was right, not only for this past year but also, hopefully, with our future plans in mind.

Is there a particular Bible verse that is speaking to you/you have found helpful in this season?
Someone on The Point Prayer Team told me this Bible verse: “I have written your name on the palms of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:16)

I found it helpful to remember that God knows me personally, by name, and that He cares about each of us so much that He has our names engraved on His hands. He’s never going to forget about us, and He’s always there, even when we’re afraid or facing difficult situations.

What’s your prayer for this season?
I pray that we will see the end of this virus really soon and that those suffering with coronavirus, and its ongoing effects, will be healed. I also pray that all our healthcare and frontline workers will be able to rest after what has been such a tragic time. I pray that people will remember the positive moments that have come out of such difficult times; getting to know our neighbours; taking shopping to the vulnerable; slowing down and taking time to walk, read or play family games together; and the positives in how we have been able to use technology to connect with family, friends and the church community despite the lockdowns and churches being closed.