The last three months of 2019 were hard for me personally, but I had an end in sight and was planning to visit my family back home in the USA for Easter 2020; my first trip home since 2018. Covid hit and I was just about at burnout with my job and personal life. I questioned God and asked Him why now when I was hanging on at the end of my rope? I just needed to be with my family to be rejuvenated.

Time passed and it was June 2020. My grandma was not doing well and I asked my managers if I could take some extended time off to visit my family in the USA. They agreed for me to have the time away from work. The day before I left I found out that both my paternal grandmother and my uncle were in hospital with Covid, then the day I arrived my Granny went into hospital with some heart issues. Needless to say it was a very hard trip, but I got to be at home with my family for 6 weeks. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever believed it would happen – God answered my prayers to be able to be with my family and set up my grandmother’s care and affairs as she moved into a nursing home.

Not only did God allow me time with my family, but he also provided an opportunity for me to interview for a new position in my organisation. I had been working with the same client group since 2011 and felt like it was time for a change, but had no idea what God was orchestrating. He is using my new position to grow me and help me learn to trust in Him more.

Finally, in December I was supposed to go with my husband and kids to see my family, but decided not to due to the heightened risks. I am so grateful for the Lord nudging me and telling me I should cancel the ticket, as my parents ended up having Covid during Christmas as well as my Granny.

I know 2021 hasn’t gotten off to the best start but I know that trusting in His perfect timing and not mine gives me hope!