Justice and Disability

The Social Contexts of Disability Ministry
Albert A. Herzog Jr

The Enabled Life
Roy McCloughry

The Bible, Disability and The Church
Amos Yong

Disability and the Way of Jesus
Bethany McKinney Fox

Resourceful websites

Through the Roof (Christian Disability Charity)
Churches for All (A Network of Christian Disability Charities that seeks to educate the church)
Stats to download (pdf)

Justice for Women

Websites for help

Websites for equipping the Church

For women and children.
Against domestic violence.

Restored UK
Get help

Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence

Restored UK
Equipping the Church

Justice for the Environment

Saying yes to Life
Ruth Valerio

Just Living
Ruth Valerio

Scripture, Culture and Agriculture
Ellen Davis

Doughnut Economics
Kate Raworth

Justice for the Persecuted

Promise and Persecution
Kenneth Harrod

Imprisoned with ISIS
Petr Jasek with Rebecca George

When Faith is Forbidden
Todd Nettleton

Free at last
Asia Bibi

Neither bomb nor bullet
Andrew Boyd

Tortured for Christ
Richard Wurmbrand

Falsely Accused

Paying the Price

Forced to flee

World Prayer Map