Every year, many from The Point Church attend a Christian festival called New Wine for a week of worship and teaching.  This year, instead of travelling to Peterborough, New Wine is coming to us!  From Thursday 30th July to Monday 3rd August there will be online teaching and worship sessions for all ages – kids, youth and adults.  And for the first time ever, all of this incredible offering is FREE!  Download the programme below to see all the sessions on offer and start circling the ones you want to watch.

New Wine Community

It’s not going to be quite the same as being all together on a campsite so to enable us to connect with others we want to encourage everyone to use ‘The Point Church Community’ page on Facebook to feedback on the sessions you watch and share what you are going to watch.  This is a private and secure page which only our church members can view.  If you are not yet a member to our Facebook Community Page, please search for ‘The Point Church Community’ on Facebook and click the ‘Join’ button on the top of the page.

What our people said

“For us as a family, New Wine is a place where faith is grown, where friendships are formed, where fun is had, and a safe place where everyone’s needs are met and supported. It’s a time for us as parents to recharge our faith, meet with the Holy Spirit and have a break, knowing our children are fully supported, safe, growing their faith and having fun!!”

Phil and Jo Cross

“New Wine was the first Christian Festival I had ever been to.  When I entered the main venue and saw so many thousands of people singing and worshipping God, I cried, I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.”

Janine Naudé

“I became a Christian at the age of 10 at the first ever New Wine. We went for many years as a family and then myself as a young adult, and it was so instrumental in encouraging me in my faith, and to meeting with the Holy Spirit and starting to be healed from things from my childhood.”

Ellie Zaragoza