The Alpha Course - Bolney Launch

For all our searching it’s rare to find time to think and talk about the big questions of life - about faith, reason, God and meaning.  But exploring is good. We’re built for it!

The Alpha Course is a relaxed, safe place that you can bring your questions to.  Millions of people have tried Alpha all around the world - you can read some of their stories at

The details of our next Alpha Course launch are below:
  - Date: Wednesday 22nd January, 7:30-9:30pm
  - Location: Jachin Barn, Colwood Lane, Bolney, RH17 5QG

No commitment to the course is required.  Just come and try Alpha on the 22nd January.  Should you wish to continue after this, the course will run every Wednesday until 25th March.

To book in or find out more, visit