What are the big questions in your life?  What are the questions you would love to ask about God, faith and the universe?  Have you ever wondered why so many millions of people are following Jesus?  For all our searching it’s rare to find time to think and talk about the big questions of faith, reason, God and meaning.

The Alpha Course provides a space to do just that in a relaxed and safe way that you can bring your questions to.  We would love for you to join us.  If you miss the first few weeks, please still get in touch as we can help you connect in or advise on another course running locally.

“I did it. I enjoyed it. I started going to church and never looked back!”

Alpha offered me friendship, opportunity to think outside the box and really really good food.”

The Alpha course offered me a really gentle approach to unpicking the questions and thoughts that I had.  It is a non-judgmental environment designed to support you in your journey.  Even if you do not come to Christ you will be treated with respect and understanding.”

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