Anyway, Anywhere, Worship

Our Worship Pastor Stuart Barbour reflects on corporate worship at The Point over the last year and challenges us to glorify God wherever we find ourselves meeting as a church family.

It has been an interesting year trying to explore how we continue to worship God through songs and prayer together even though we are not all in the same physical building. Corporate worship was very much part of who we were before Covid, standing side by side with people singing and declaring how great is our God was always very special and not something we took for granted. But even then, on Sunday mornings as we gathered at St Paul’s Catholic College, we still individually had to make the choice to enter in and not be a bystander, to put aside the rush of getting ready, driving to church, all the goings-on of the week, and stop and say this time is set aside to give thanks to our Lord, our God and King, whose love endures forever.

And so it is now, we have to put aside different things and still make the same choice, to choose to enter in to worship God together, separated by land, in different houses or places, but still recognising we are in it together, one body, offering up our songs and prayers to the Father (even if some of us may still be in slippers and pyjamas!)

As I watch our services broadcast over the internet and on to my TV screen, do I watch and silently join in the worship songs with a prayerful attitude, or do I stand and sing out at the top of my voice and scare the cat off the sofa?! I have tried both, and yes, the cat was terrified….

However you choose to join in on Sunday mornings (or watching later), can I encourage you to not just watch but engage, and enter in with us all as part of The Point family and worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.