Our Vision

Throughout 2012-13 the church has undergone a ‘vision process’, seeking God for his plans for the next chapter of life at The Point. The vision process was overseen by a small group of trustees and members of staff, and included a whole church questionnaire, a prayer week, weighing of prophetic words and input from members of the church.

Our vision is ‘To be a transforming presence throughout Mid Sussex’ and we will do this in many ways:  ‘Pioneering authentic communities’ – creating groups of God filled people who are both ‘real’ or authentic who will reach out to the communities around them.  ‘Becoming more like Jesus’ – because we ourselves need to be transformed more into the likeness of Jesus in order to show him to others. ‘Engaging with and serving the people around us’ we are called to a life of serving those around us, and we can only do that if we engage with the people in our lives, in our communities, workplaces, schools and so on. ‘Demonstrating God’s love and compassion’ – the best way to show Jesus to the world is to act as he did, with love and compassion.  ‘Sharing the Good News of Jesus’ – in whatever way we can.

The Vision stands alongside both our ‘Mission’ – or how we want our church to run, and our ‘Values’ – how we should all live out our lives both within the church and in our own daily walk.

We would love you to join us in helping our vision become a reality in all that we do…