Real Church overflows with love for God. We’ve been amazed by the glory and grace of God, and in response we give our whole lives as an offering to Him. This is what we were created for – to worship God and reflect His glory. As individuals and as a church, we aim to please Him in everything. When we come together, our gatherings themselves are an act of worship. Some of the key ways we express this are through music and song, and through the breaking of bread together.

Real Church is the vehicle for God’s mission to His lost and broken world. God’s ultimate goal is to bring all things back to Himself, under the authority of Jesus. At The Point we’re excited to be part of this mission, and everything we do is shaped with those outside the church in mind. The early church was welcoming, and open to every kind of person. New people joined them every day. We want to be a relevant, accessible and growing church, creating environments where everyone can feel at home. We also want to be a missionary church, touching the world around us with the good news and events of Jesus. We proclaim the message of God’s love through both words and actions. Jesus said He had come to bring good news and events to the poor, and freedom to the oppressed. As a church we need to reflect His heart of compassion for those in need and those facing injustice, both locally and globally.

Real Church takes the Bible seriously. The bible is God’s Word, and carries His authority. Through the Bible God has revealed to us what He is like, and this is primarily how He continues to speak to us today. God’s Word is amazing – it brings life, freedom and wisdom. At The Point we love to study the Bible, and more than anything we encourage each other to live out what it says.

Holy Spirit-Empowered
Real Church is an encounter with the living God. When we meet together we anticipate the presence of God, and pray to be equipped for adventures in His kingdom. We believe in the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to the church described to us throughout the New Testament, and are eager to see these gifts at work in our lives today. For all those who seek to follow Him, Jesus promises a powerful helper: His Holy Spirit living within us.

Real Church is a family. Making good relationships is at the heart of who we are at The Point. Jesus commanded us ‘to love one another’ – a call which is costly and requires real commitment. ‘Real church’ means we must be ‘real people’ – sharing our lives honestly, valuing everyone, and building healthy and biblical relationships.

Real church sees people becoming more and more like Jesus – free, secure, courageous, faithful, caring, generous and joyful. Each one of us is on a journey of personal transformation, becoming the person God created us to be. Our goal is to see lives changing as people commit themselves to following Christ, and to being His disciples.