The Worship Team’s Mission

To be wholehearted worshippers of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  To be extravagant in our praise of the Lord of lords and the King of kings.  To love and serve one another as God has commanded.  We want to facilitate and lead the church into a place of worship when we gather together and remove any distractions, creating an environment where we can encounter God and experience His personal presence.


We are a church passionate about responding to God’s grace in our lives, and living out the values He is forming in us, reflecting His glory in every area of life. In fact, this is the definition of worship that we at The Point hold, and which is expressed in our vision for the kind of church we feel called to be. So while our worship through music is a wonderful and valued gift, developing and using our musical skills is only one of the ways in which we worship. The things we value in the worship team are very similar to the things we value in every area at The Point: wholeheartedly bringing our best in the visible and unseen places, sharing our time and our gifts with generosity; always having both an attitude of joyful, humble service and a spirit of adventure when meeting new challenges; putting people first, both as we get to know and support one another within the worship team, and as we relate to other teams and welcome newcomers to The Point; and most importantly, that we are always prayerfully depending on God to sustain and direct us.

So becoming a part of the worship team at The Point is a commitment of time and of heart. We are looking for people who love and follow Jesus, who are committed to being a part of His church, and feel called to help lead others in worshipping Him. We are looking for those who have some experience in singing or playing an instrument, and are prepared to meet regularly to practise and learn new songs together. And we are looking for humble and consistent members of a team who will support one another and pray regularly together.

If you would like to get involved with the worship team then please fill out this form and email it to Stu Barbour