PACs (Pioneering Authentic Communities)

BC1As part of our vision we are passionate about reaching out to the world around us, outside the ‘walls’ of the church. As part of this we are running various projects (often referred to as PACs – as we are Pioneering Authentic Communities) in the local community. Here’s a snapshot of some of the things we are doing…


The Sanctuary is our weekly community group (Monday mornings at the Village Centre, in Hurstpierpoint) for parents, grandparents, toddlers and people of all ages. The Sanctuary is all about supporting families and having fun. It is a place to build friendships, over coffee and cake.

Church in a Pub is now a regular fixture at the Woolpack in Burgess Hill. It is great to meet together to worship in the pub! We are taking church to the people not waiting for them to come to us.

Willow way, HurstpierpointMeltingPot1
The Point has been involved on the Willow Way Estate for many years, as we run the annual Good Friday Family Fun and Skip Day. The day is spent working with local residents to clear rubbish from the area and having fun together with live music, bouncy castles, activities and a BBQ. It is our way of making Good Friday good for everyone. Many wonderful relationships have been built through this event and from this has grown The Melting Pot Cafe and the Youth Drop In:

The Melting Pot Cafe (Wednesday mornings at the Ex-Servicemen’s Social Club in Hurstpierpoint) is a weekly community cafe,bringing people together and aiming to build a stronger community. Run with other local churches, it’s great to see God’s love and compassion shining through.

ww2Youth Drop in (Thursday afternoons on Willow Way, Hurstpierpoint) is an open youth club run by The Point Youth Team where local teenagers can hang out in a safe environment and build relationships with friends and leaders.