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The Point 1 year Volunteer Internship Scheme

Introduction to the Scheme:
We at The Point believe God calls us to serve him to bring His transformation to Mid Sussex. That is achieved by each and every individual desiring to further his kingdom.

We aim to train and equip you for leadership within the specific ministry you will be involved in. We will also provide training to help you grow in your gifting and walk with Christ. We aim to help you grow in your God given gifts and see them expressed within and outside the church.

We are offering a 1 year volunteer internship at The Point to train and help you to grow more like Christ, use your gifts to the full and discover more of God’s calling and direction for your life. The program offers hands-on experience in full-time church based ministry under the supervision of a team leader from the church staff. We are also offering pastoral support and mentoring from the program leader, our Associate Vicar, John Naud . The program includes a potential mission trip and other residentials/camps during the year.

The volunteer internship is open to anyone who wants to take a year out and serve the Lord at a dynamic and exciting church, where a passion for Christ is essential. It will start in September 2017.

One day a week there will be training provided within the existing team of The Point but we will also bring other people in to help broaden and deepen your relationship with Christ and his church. The remainder of the week you will be trained and encouraged in the specific ministry you will work in through your team leader. You will be part of a team of people and will meet regularly with your team leader and join with the rest of The Point staff team for team meetings every week.

Life at The Point:
We seek to see God bring His transformational power to Mid Sussex and we are wanting to express that not just to the members of the congregation, but to the communities we live in. Prayer is at the heart of the church. We meet in small groups during the week and also have lively children’s and youth ministries. We enjoy worship that is wholehearted, contemporary and authentic. We are passionate about welcoming people into our church family and reaching out in mission to the communities of Mid Sussex and beyond. We are involved in a number of different projects like a community caf , after school clubs and even church in a pub! We do this with the local churches to demonstrate the body of Christ in action. (See The Point Welcome Booklet, and for more info)

We are a house of prayer and a church family, where God the Father is continually worshipped, where people are taught from God’s word, and where we pray that each and every member is becoming more like Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit. This is done by demonstrating God’s love and compassion in practical ways, sharing the Good News of Jesus and bringing with us the life and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Financial Details etc.
Your accommodation (room and food) will be provided and there will also be a weekly allowance of £30.

Term Dates/Holiday Entitlement:
The teaching program will run in three terms much like a school or university. Volunteer interns must attend all teaching days throughout the year. There will be a two week holiday period after Christmas and after Easter. Summer holiday weeks will be agreed by negotiation but volunteer interns will be expected to participate in a mission trip and the Soul Survivor youth festival in July/August with The Point youth.

For more information contact: The Revd John Naudé, Associate Vicar, The Point Church Office, 18 Albert Drive, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. RH15 9TN or email to

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